This weekend we celebrated Jane’s birthday with our friends and family. It was so wonderful to have our closest friends and family and their kids over to party. Our house was totally trashed after but it was worth it, and now we know we can fit 30 people into our house!


The invitations:


My mom is the best and made the birch cake for the birthday girl. Didn’t it turn out great?

bday-21I made these straw and utencil holders out of birch bark that I bought from terrain, which is also where I bought those amazing birch straws.

bday-15bday-14bday-17A menu of easy, and kid friendly foods. bday-23Mini pumpkin spice cupcakes for little people who can’t wait for birthday cake. bday-22A deer head silhouette print and large bark pieces I foraged from the woods, some spray painted gold and some left in their natural color. bday-9The birthday girl sporting her indian feathers.bday-24A tent for all the kids to play in. bday-20bday-8Ears for all the kids to play dress up during the party so the grown-ups could chat. bday-3An arrangement I made out of pine and spray painted ferns. bday-6bday-1bday-12Jane couldn’t believe it when everyone sang to her. It was so cute. bday-26bday-25bday-31bday-30



Happy Birthday Jane! And a huge thank you to our friends and family for their great company and help.


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