Our bedroom is a disaster. Seriously, a cluster cuss. Our office is in there and we have only one tiny closet to share between the two of us so all of our clothes are on clothing racks or in a dresser that’s too big for our bedroom. Our kids come in all the time mess with everything and make it feel even more messy. It’s time to change things. I have plans. I need a place that’s peaceful and organized and more serene. Chad needs the kids to stop touching his stuff and so do I. When we moved in (not that long ago, I know) we decided we wouldn’t really put any effort into our bedroom. But I can’t deal with the chaos any more. Time for a solution.

Here’s my inspiration:

Neutral tones with a rustic, but modern feel.

dff5858a2bd77b17bfe221a95f263ee6We need some pictures up on our walls. There’s nothing for poor Chad to look at in there except my ugly mug. a0d67ba3020a2d25bd8bb4e3ea9c52dfClosets!! Built in PAX wardrobes from IKEA, which is what we’re going to go with. f2160f530ba3659192da00b5c977f774b60cdcaa3fdb4d5df12e353aeb882576A bedside table! We’ve had nothing since we moved. Everything just gets tossed on the floor next to the bed…and then subsequently stolen or stepped on by children. 43a3727b60958a70f6e9ca7f5d5153f5

Here’s the progress so far: Closet building materials have been purchased, the giant dresser has been sold (which means all of our clothes are now on the floor, and I bought a new bed, something I’ve been dreaming about for 5 years. I’m excited for everything to come together in the next couple of weeks!

I’m on the hunt for some nice rustic picture frames, anyone have a good source?



Summer is in full force here. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

lots of gardening! Pots for the porches, vegetables in the garden and flowers in the yard.

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Enjoying all of the flowers that are in season, some from the yard, some not.

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Taking Buckley for walks and vet check ups. Buckley is in obedience class right now and is doing really well.

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And lots of trips to the beaches.

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We went out to my parents’ house in western Massachusetts for memorial day. It’s so beautiful. I loved growing up there.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetThe view on evening dog walks.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetNot far from my parents home is NMH, a private school that was founded in the 1800′s. The campus has been closed for several years now while they’re looking for a buyer (BYU Massachusetts??) but it’s still open for the public to walk around. It’s our favorite place to go on walks. One of my favorite buildings is this church.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 presetWhen I was in elementary school my mom worked at Deerfield Academy and my siblings attended the Bement and Eaglebrook schools close by. We always went to the Memorial Day program there. The school is beautiful and OLD and enchanting.

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Home sweet home.

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